GUDA’s Tech Route for Garbage Collection

If residential societies in Ahmedabad are grappling with the problem of irregular door-to-door garbage collection for the last five years, Gandhinagar has an answer to a similar problem. The Gandhinagar Urban Development Authority (GUDA) has initiated an Information Communication Technology (ICT) based garbage collection system, which literally keeps track of the garbage collectors and even takes stock of each individual house that the collector may have skipped.

At the centre of the project is a barcode sticker that will be pasted on the doors of individual’s houses. The person who comes to your house to collect garbage has to swipe an infrared swiping machine on the sticker. The information is immediately relayed to GUDA.

server that records the data. “If a family is out on vacation, a contractor cannot claim payment for locked houses as every month a new set of barcode stickers are issued,” says GUDA chairman Ashok Bhavsar. The system has been jointly developed by Cept university and GUDA Not only this, the GPS system has eliminated the necessity of placing large bins on the roadside. “Each of the garbage container vehicles is connected via GPS and the route matrix is planned in such a manner that each of mini vehicles that collects garbage from individual societies will wait at designated centres to transfer the load to the container vehicle,” says a senior GUDA official.

Interestingly, the new system is implemented outside the Congress-controlled Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation (GMC) limits. GMC is still grappling with the problem of streamlining its garbage collection system.

The total area earmarked for the ICT garbage collection facility is 10 sq km, claim GUDA officials. The system has been implemented in 300 houses and will be extended to 4,200 houses in the next fortnight. When asked about the revenue model of the system, officials say that each of the residential houses has to pay Rs 30 every month while that for commercial establishment the fee is Rs 50. “It will be onus of society chairman to provide us a bulk fee for the entire year for each of individual houses. Each society will be given their set of stickers every month which they would have to paste on their doors,” says Bhavsar. GUDA is also distributing two bins to each of the houses to separate their wet and dry waste.