Our Corporate Profile

EeSPL is an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 20000-1:2011 & ISO 27001:2013 certified private limited company and has won the prestigious “Trend Setter” Award from Gujarat Innovation Society (GIS). The award was under the Information & Technology Segment for creating innovative solutions which has been successfully executed and has been a trend setter for future projects. With its head office situated in Gandhinagar (Gujarat), EeSPL has a quality workforce which has the potential to cater clients situated in urban, semi-urban and rural areas. Driven by quest for continuous improvement and innovation, EeSPL since the day of its inception has developed innovative, cost effective and efficient solutions for its clients which are sustainable, easy to use and scalable. The team at EeSPL understands the client’s requirement and delivers in accordance. EeSPL offers its clients wide range of products, services and solutions and this comprehensive portfolio helps us match the customized requirement of our clients.

The founders of EeSPL are experts in the fields of IT systems, services, software application and development, management advisory services with individual credentials in various segments of public & private sector. Through its young pool of team members and zeal to explore various business opportunities, EeSPL has been scaling new heights every year with improved customer satisfaction, adding new clients and retention of existing clients through recurring orders.

EeSPL now is a leading provider of IT solutions for many verticals, including Central & State Governments, Police Departments, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Power etc… These solutions are built around EeSPL’s intellectual property and domain expertise to offer unique business intelligence for impactful insights for effective decision making.

To provide value add, innovative, viable and quality products & services to each client in most efficient and effective manner and to create a professional working environment based on measurable objectives of continual improvement focused on customer satisfaction, cost reduction and continual development of our workforce and stakeholders.

We are committed to putting you right at the heart of everything we do. Our commitment to you is total and we want you to always be 100% satisfied by the quality and efficiency of our products & solutions. We acknowledge the uncertainties of the world, but when we make a commitment, we do our utmost to deliver on it.

Our values define what we stand for. These values guide the way we work with our clients, employees, vendors and stakeholders.

Client First

The Client always tops the priority chart in every segment of our work and conduct. Satisfaction of our clients is the only measure of our success and we are passionate about it


Whatever we do where ever we go we uphold absolute integrity. We believe that by providing an ethical working environment for all our employees we would be able to do the right thing each time we face a tough decision


We treat Client’s information as confidential. We do not believe in promoting own good work by revealing confidential information of Client

Building Relationships

We believe in developing and marinating strong relationships with our Clients, Employees, Vendors and Stakeholders who become an integral part of our thought process


We are independent in our views and have the courage to disagree to popular ideas and views if there are not beneficial in the long run


Simplicity is hard to achieve, but in the end, it makes things easier, hence we continuously strive for simplicity in all our solutions. We seek to continually simplify and improve processes, procedures and activities for timely implementation and acceptance of our products & solutions.